Computer & Laptop Repairs

Computer and laptop repairs and upgrades

If your computer is not starting or constantly crashing, we offer full diagnosis in your home or office. Most repairs can be carried out immediately, but if not we will take your computer away, get the repair completed, thoroughly test the machine and return it.

Software & Virus Problems

Virus removal and advice and installation of security software.

Most computer issues are caused by software problems, whether that's a program that has become corrupt or a virus or other malicious software that has infiltrated your computer. Our experts will find and remove it.

Wifi, Internet & Networking

Sow broadband or WiFi dead spots? We can identify the problem and help to improve it.

These days it seems as though everything wants to connect to the Internet. Slow broadband or dead spots for WiFi can cause serious problems. We can ensure all your devices talk to one another and your broadband and WiFi performs at its optimum.

Apple or Windows, or any other device

Apple, Microsoft, Android or Linux. Our technicians have experience across all platforms.

We can deal with all your devices, whether that's a Windows or Apple computer, tablet, phone or even help set up your smart TV or Internet connected smart devices.

New Installations & Data Transfer

Have all your files and settings transferred to your new computer.

One of the biggest problems to overcome when buying a new computer is getting all of your old files, settings and programs on to the new computer. We can do all of that for you.

Looking for a new computer?

New computers,laptops, tablets supplied and installed.

Step in to any high street computer store and you are greeted with hundreds of options, and reams of technical jargon. Our experts can recommend and supply new systems suited to your requirements, without the jargon. 

File & Data Recovery

Data recovery if you lose yur files

There are few worse feelings than when you press the power button on your computer, nothing happens and you haven't backed up your holiday photos or that important spreadsheet. We can't promise to get it back, but if it's still there, our technicians will find it! And if we don't, there is no charge.

remote support

If you have an emergency, we may be able to assist you immediately with remote support.

If you have an urgent problem or are based outside of our area, we may be able to provide support remotely. Please contact us for more information.